WEEK 8: Learning Russian in 3 Months

Speaking progress after 8 weeks of Russian challenge

8 Weeks! Dorian, Benjamin, and Aurélie have been learning Russian for 8 weeks now. We can confidently say: Hard work pays off! At the beginning of the challenge, I would have not expected to see these results. It shows us that we can achieve everything when we are determined and don’t give up!

Would have expected these results from each student? Who will be the winner at the end? Will there be a surprise? Leave a comment!

Hard work pays off! (when done right)

Why do many people not accomplish their goals? I am sure that many people wanted to learn Russian but never did it! Why? They gave up too early!

The problem is that we want to see immediate results. This is a tricky wish when it comes to Russian. It is easy to show you some results. For example, learning apps give you daily results in the form of prices and compliments. However, these results don’t correspond with your actual goal of “speaking Russian”. If you want to achieve this goal and see relevant results, you must work hard and overcome some obstacles. If it were easy everyone would speak Russian. Consequently, you must work hard and not give up when you face some difficulties.

The only thing that is worse than giving up is doing the wrong things forever. So when should you keep going and when should you change your strategy? Sometimes it is smart to ask for help to stay on track.


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