Lukas Pichler


I am a language enthusiast who is actually not talented at languages. Now I speak Russian and even help other students to make the same progress. Everything is possible when you don’t give up.

Katya Burmenskaya

Teacher and Mentor

I have studied Russian as a second language at Moscow State University. Now I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and helping our students to learn Russian effectively.

Vitaliy Tupchienko


I was born in Belarus, live in Ukraine, and Russian is my native language. Being a tutor is a chance to connect with different people and talk about various topics beyond classic small talk.

Yuliya Kupryianava


The fact that I have already learned German and English helps me understand my students better. Creating engaging conversations is the focus of my lessons and boosts our students’ progress.

Anastasiya Mareseva


I am with viaRussian from the beginning and love to see how our students improve in such a short time period. A lesson isn’t only about speaking Russian. I try to be an engaging conversation partner.

Alisa Chebotarenko


Traveling and learning languages is also my passion. Thus, I totally understand how important it is to speak foreign languages when you want to visit other countries.

Anton Golyshev


Helping others to increase their knowledge is my passion. I am a chemistry teacher and a Russian tutor. The best part of my job is to see how my students improve.

Liliya Firsova


A Russian tutor who chases the sun. I live in Spain and help students to learn Russian. This combination describes me pretty well. A smile makes everything a little bit better.

Lyudmila Kovaleva

Digital Content Creator

My passion is the creation of useful learning materials. Learning Russian is fun when it’s done right. I create videos that help you to stay engaged and make progress. You have finally found productive materials.

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