How we provide you the best environment for learning to speak Russian

Lukas' Russian journey was the beginning of viaRussian

Lukas went to Russia with the urge to acquire this difficult language. His credo was to use all available resources during his time in Russia. He never lost sight of his goal: communicating with natives.

After 6 months, he came back to Austria. Lukas continued learning Russian and took a course at the university. This was the moment when he realized that he made great progress in 6 months only. Other students could not speak Russian after years of taking language courses.

Now it was time to ask the important question: What did Lukas do right? During the process of answering this question, Lukas realized the huge opportunities most students do not exploit. As a result, the following vison emerged…

Founder of viaRussian Lukas in red square

Vision to become the best Russian school


Helping as many motivated people as possible to acquire Russian because everyone can do it when it is done right! We are always hungry for improvement.


Achieving it through honest work. We do not compromise quality by building automated courses. We do the hard work because it leads to your success.


Providing you the best opportunities to learn this beautiful language. We make it our mission to use all available resources in the best way possible.


Analyzing Lukas’ success story and the obsession to build the best environment for motivated learners led to the evolvement of smart immersion.

Lukas Pichler


I am a language enthusiast who is actually not talented at languages. Now I speak Russian and even help other students to make the same progress. Everything is possible when you don’t give up.

Katya Burmenskaya

Teacher and Mentor

I have studied Russian as a second language at Moscow State University. Now I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and helping our students to learn Russian effectively.

Vitaliy Tupchienko


I was born in Belarus, live in Ukraine, and Russian is my native language. Being a tutor is a chance to connect with different people and talk about various topics beyond classic small talk.

Yuliya Kupryianava


The fact that I have already learned German and English helps me understand my students better. Creating engaging conversations is the focus of my lessons and boosts our students’ progress.

Smart Immersion

Productive Team Work


We align every detail with your goal of speaking Russian and eliminate all unnecessary factors. Learning Russian effectively is not just a phrase at viaRussian.

Every second you invest should be invested in learning and not in unnecessary activities such as organization. Our team always maximizes the productivity of your Russian journey.



Your results are the only measurement for our courses. There is no need to create opinions and beliefs because your results are the real proof.

Postive results increase your motivation and boost your progress. Learning Russian is only fun when you see results. If you play with viaRussian you certainly will win.



The central part of smart immersion is conversations. Lukas built his strategy around practice because it influences all aspects of language acquisition.

You only know the efficacy of your strategy if you test it. A conversation is the perfect test because it is your final goal at the same time: communicating in Russian.



At viaRussian every student forges his own path to fluency. We understand that everyone has individual needs and so receives personalized support.

There is no universal plan that works for everyone. Smart means providing every student the right opportunities at the right time. At viaRussian you are the only student in the classroom.


➨ Motivation ➨ More Progress

➨ Progress
➨ Motivation
➨ More Progress


It definetly is smart to provide our students all opportunies effectively, result-oriented, conversation-focused, and personalized.

But how is it feasible to get all the resources in a smart way?

Team Work

The answer is team work. We are a huge team consisting of teachers, tutors, content creators, mentors, and experienced learners. Everyone focuses on his field of expertise and provides you the best quality.

Managed Diversity

The outcome is managed diversity. We are a close knit team that supports every student individually. Our feedback culture allows us to connect all resources and create the fastest path to speak Russian.
Additionally, every student who takes a course has his/her own mentor who communicates all details efficiently and so removes all organizational effort for the student.

Our students are passionate about speaking Russian because…

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More than a platform

Our mission is to positively impact our students’ lives. Just watch the video and see what it means to our students when they can communicate in Russian!

We only realize our vision because we are a big family. Every member of viaRussian is a part of our vision. The whole community is proud of every person that speaks Russian because of our support.

viaRussian is the right choice for every person on the planet that genuinely wants to learn Russian. We focus on every student individually. Your success does not depend on your talent or time investment but on your consistency. Everyone can acquire Russian through our help.

You will not only speak a new languge but you you will develop a passion for Russian.

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