Learn to Speak Russian in 3 Months

Learn to Speak Russian in 3 Months

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The Challenge

Why you learn to speak Russian with us


We are happy when you make progress. Our whole team only works for your results.


You practice with different Russian tutors to get diverse input. It is possible because your mentor connects your lessons.


We do everything for your progress. Our services are personalized - No automation!


Others just say it but we really do it. Our core service will always be high-quality Russian-speaking lessons with the best tutors.


Motivation and fun are very important to learn Russian. Thus, we reject boring lessons.


We are a team of teachers, tutors, experienced learners, and many more. Together we support your goal - speaking Russian!

Lockdown Special: Free Russian Group Lesson on Zoom

Join our community and start to speak Russian. The group lesson on Zoom is perfect when you don’t know how and where to start learning to speak Russian. Get the chance to practice with the same teachers who are part of our individual Russian course for free!

How you learn to speak Russian in no time

Is viaRussian for you?

We provide you the best environment if your goal is to learn to speak Russian. Many people want to have conversations in Russsian but don’t achieve this goal because of ineffective methods. At viaRussian, we build a laser-focused path that leads to your goal “speaking Russian”.

Free Russian Content

Don’t miss all the free resources and services we share with the viaRussian community when you want to speak Russian.

Our Team

A whole team is working in the background to guarantee your progress in speaking Russian. Learn more about the awesome people who help you to learn to speak Russian.

Lukas Pichler


I am a language enthusiast who is actually not talented at languages. Now I speak Russian and even help other students to make the same progress. Everything is possible when you don’t give up.

Katya Burmenskaya

Teacher and Mentor

I have studied Russian as a second language at Moscow State University. Now I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and helping our students to learn Russian effectively.

Vitaliy Tupchienko


I was born in Belarus, live in Ukraine, and Russian is my native language. Being a tutor is a chance to connect with different people and talk about various topics beyond classic small talk.

Yuliya Kupryianava


The fact that I have already learned German and English helps me understand my students better. Creating engaging conversations is the focus of my lessons and boosts our students’ progress.



Learning with viaRussian is not only fun but also effective. The best way to know better is to try it out. Do the same and get advice on how to learn to speak Russian from our founder Lukas!

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