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Intensive 3-month Russian course
Started from zero


Intensive 2-month Russian course
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Regular 1-month Russian course
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Your Individual Online Russian Course

Student Plan

Your individual and dynamic plan gives your Russian beginner course the most effective structure. It is your personal curriculum.

YOU find there your daily lessons: tutoring, self-practice, grammar, reading lessons, etc.

Self-Study Materials

The Russian course contains all self-study materials needed to learn Russian. We connect your self-study part with your tutoring lessons.

YOU receive the right materials at the right time and can focus on language learning.

Different Tutors

Practicing with different tutors provides you diverse input. Your mentor prepares your lessons and so creates a coherent curriculum.

YOU practice with different tutors and reap the benefits of managed diversity.

Russian Mentor

A personal mentor is responsible to connect all parts of your course and create your daily plan that eliminates organization work for you.

YOU have an experienced mentor who personally guides you through the course.

Each online course at viaRussian is an individual course. This guarantees that every student gets the diverse resources tailored to his/her personal needs.


The dynamic plan of the Russian Beginner Course adapts daily to your needs and allows us to implement your feedback immediately.

YOU have the opportunity to change your curriculum according to your needs.

Individual Pace

Our dynamic course allows studying 30 minutes or 4 hours each day. We provide you the best resources in your individual situation.

YOU decide how much time you want to invest and we make it productive.

Constant Feedback

Our team constantly exchanges feedback about your progress. This allows us to create such an Individual Russian Course.

YOU experience effective learning because of the steady assessment of your progress.

Practice Lessons

The whole course is built around practice. Thus,  lessons with Russian native speakers will always be the focus of your Russian journey.

YOU want to speak Russian and this is exactly what you will practice.

Strength of our Online Russian Course

Classic Russian Course

On classic Russian courses, there is one teacher for many students. It means that each student gets the same course curriculum and follows this plan regardless of his individual skills. This is unavoidable for a single teacher.

One teacher for many students!

Our Russian Course

At viaRussian, we turn this concept upside down. Every student has many teachers and follows his individual curriculm. As a result, you do not only progress at your own pace but you also get support from various people.

Many teachers for one student!



Do you think it is effective when you must follow an universal plan? Maybe you already know some of the content, you are faster than others, you want to focus on certain aspects, prefer a specific learning style, etc.

We do not invent any pseudo Russian hacks but concentrate on your individual needs. It is the determination of a hard-working team that wants to create the best Online Russian Course for you.

Is this Russian Course a Smart Investment?

“Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.”
– Theophrastus.

Learning Russian is probably one of the smartest investments you can make. It is a skill that does not get lost, it creates new opportunities, it makes you more interesting, and it makes you happy.

Do you prefer to buy an expensive car or speak Russian?
At viaRussian we support everyone who answers this question correctly.




What students say about the Online Russian Course

“This course is tailor-made, intense, and fun!”
– Aurélie

“This course is practical. It’s communication driven!”
– Dorian

“It helped me to actually speak Russian.”
– Benjamin

“This course is effective because it gives you the right amount of grammar.”
– Joel

  • Do not waste your time and take the best Online Russian Course!
  • Learning Russian is a skill that makes you stand out. It is an invaluable skill and now you get the best opportunities available.
  • There is no catch! We just work super hard to create the best environment for learning Russian.

Tell me a better investment than learning Russian!
Difficult to answer, isn’t it?


Do I need to know any Russian when I start with the online Russian course?

NO! You can start from absolute zero! We have lots of experience with absolute beginners. Actually, it is even an advantage when you are a complete beginner. Structuring your Russian journey is especially helpful when you do not have experience with the language. The more you advance the more you can exploit non-structured resources. Thus, this course is ideal for everyone from 0 to A2.
If you are more advanced then we reommend that you check out our memberships.

How can I enroll in the online Russian course?

It may sound strange but we do not offer our course to everyone. The creation and execution of an individual course is a lot of work. We are only happy when our students make progress. This is only possible when you have a certain level of motivation; and we understand your specific needs. Therefore, the first step is to schedule a Free Orientation Meeting. There we find out which course is the most productive option in your current situation.

How long does the online Russian course last?

Generally, we offer four basic variants:
(1) 6-week instensive course
(2) 12-week intensive course
(3) 12-week regular course
(4) 12-week light course.
However, within this time frame we create your individual plan.

How many hours are included in an online Russian course?

One plus of our courses is that you can study at your own pace. It means that we create your plan according to your availibility. However, your tutoring lessons are not negotiable because they are essential to make progress. The amount of tutoring lessons depends on the course type.

  • You have 18 hours of tutoring lessons in the 6-week intensive and 12-week regular course.
  • In the 12-week light course you will accomplish 12 hours of tutoring lessons.
  • The 12-week intensive course includes 36 hours of tutoring lessons.

The additional self-study lessons dependent on your availability and motivation. You study at your own pace.

How often will I practice with a Russian tutor and how long does one tutoring lesson last?

It depends on your preference. We suggest always the most effective strategy. For example, most of our students take 30-minute sessions. This is very effective because two 30-minute sessions are more useful than one 60-minute session. Moreover, we recommend that you start with more self-study lessons and increase the number of tutoring lessons at a later stage. However, each student plan is individual. You get all opportunities at viaRussian.

What is the price of the individual Russian Course?

Since it is an individual course, you also get an individual price. Basically, the price depends on the course length and the intensity level you choose. The price ranges from €350 to €900.
If you want to know the exact price then schedule a Free Orientation Meeting!

When can I start?

I am sure you already know it at this point: You get your individual course. Consequently, you can start whenever you want. The best time is always now!

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