WEEK 11: Learning Russian in 3 Months

Speaking progress after 11 weeks of Russian challenge

You know that Aurélie is the only one who managed to stay in the challenge: learning Russian in 3 months. The challenge is slowly coming to an end. The big question is if Aurélie can even make more progress during her last weeks.

We have experienced that Aurélie is very determined. I am sure that she will finish the 3-month challenge. The big question is how much progress she will make during her last weeks.

You believe you are learning but you don't!

I hear very often that people discuss how, when, and where they learn Russian. For example, I often hear that people learn while they are commuting. They accomplish a new Duolingo level in the metro, on the bus or train. Legitimately, they claim to learn Russian every day. However, their second sentence is about their lack of progress. How is this possible? I mean if you study every day then you must progress after a certain amount of time?

The problem is that learning does not lead to progress inevitably. Only because you think you learn does not mean that you really learn. Acquiring a language requires focus. It is not a skill that can be done besides doing other things. The more you advance the more you benefit from “on the way” learning. During the first months or maybe years, it is not effective to learn a language in a distracting environment. It is even counterproductive since you lose motivation and end up in despair. Especially as a beginner, it is useless to study a language when you can’t focus 100%. Learning only for your conscience is not effective!


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