WEEK 7: Learning Russian in 3 Months

Speaking progress after 7 weeks of Russian challenge

Dorian, Benjamin, and Aurélie have finished their seventh week of the 3-month challenge: Learning Russian in 3 Months. At the beginning, everyone was super motivated. After 7 weeks the students see that learning Russian is not always fun. Every language learner experiences ups and downs. It is easy to learn when you experience an up. However, the best will be who pushes through his/her downs.

Who has the strongest will? Who will be the winner of our 3-month challenge? Leave a comment!

Ups and downs are normal

It is not the first time that I say this. But I must repeat it because it is so important. The essential ingredient for becoming fluent in any language is motivation. There are many different aspects that influence your language results. Moreover, these aspects are not the same for everyone. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. One person may remember new words naturally, another person may need a strict strategy to get Russian verbs into the long-term memory.

However, one ingredient is not dependent on the individual person. It is motivation! This is the single most important aspect of language acquisition. The reason for that is the non-linear progress. Our language skills don’t improve like a straight line. There are ups and downs. You will experience days when you think that you are becoming the next Pushkin. Then there are days when you speak like a caveman. Consequently, we must accept these ups and downs. The person who does not only accept bad days but stays motivated during these days will become fluent.


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