WEEK 13: Learning Russian in 3 Months

Speaking progress of week 13 of Russian challenge

The last week of the 3-month challenge. Aurélie has learned Russian for 3 months. This is already a huge achievement. I believe that her progress is amazing. But the challenge is not over. There is still the final challenge. Aurélie must have a conversation with a Russian native speaker who only speaks Russian. You will be able to see this conversation in the next video.

Don’t forget that she will only win the challenge when she accomplishes her final challenge! Although I think that she made great progress, we don’t know if it is enough to speak Russian after 90 days.

The way is the goal!

I am sure you have already heard this phrase. Probably you don’t take it seriously anymore because you hear such phrases so often. However, it makes sense to examine this one because it describes a successful language learner. When you don’t reach this mindset then you won’t reach your goal. In another blog post, I mentioned that the biggest issue that we give up too early. Learning Russian requires time and especially the goal of speaking Russian doesn’t happen overnight. Consequently, you must be aware that it is a very long way until you achieve your big goal. This is the reason why you better enjoy the way.

When you learn Russian in the right way you forget about your goal. You enjoy the process of learning itself so much that you don’t need to force yourself to revise vocabulary anymore. This mindset takes you to the next level and you will not only achieve your initial goal but exceed it. As a result, you don’t need a goal anymore because Russian became a part of your life and you are happy about every second using this language.


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