WEEK 12: Learning Russian in 3 Months

Speaking progress after 12 weeks of Russian challenge

Our challenge “learning Russian in 3 months” is on the home stretch. Aurélie is doing her best to prepare for her big task: She must speak with a Russian native who does not speak English and whom she has never met. Aurélie showed us what is possible when you do the right things. Everyone can speak Russian. If you also want to make real progress with your Russian studies then book your free orientation meeting with our founder Lukas!

Doing the right things leads to great results

At viaRussian we always talk about effective learning. Basically, effective learning means doing the right things. Especially today it is a very important topic because it often gets lost in the bulk of information out there. On the internet, we find hundreds of different strategies for learning Russian. Most of the time the advice targets the “how” aspect. Different teachers, language experts, or polyglot explain to you how to execute a specific strategy. The issue is that it is useless when it is the wrong strategy. It is even harmful because you waste your precious time.

Even if it looks very professional and sounds very promising, it does not help you when it is the wrong approach. I give you a very simple example. Imagine you live in St. Petersburg and someone wants to sell you photovoltaics. It is the most recent technology and more efficient than all other products on the market. Moreover, it is cheaper than the products of the competition. It sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it? The problem is that there are only 62 sunny days per year in St. Petersburg. Consequently, the best photovoltaics will not help you to produce the necessary electricity. It is just not the right thing for you!

The same applies to learning a language. Before you even think about all the fancy details, you must ask yourself if it supports your goal. If your goal is to speak a new language then you should focus on the things that help you with this. I doubt that a video course, Instagram channel, or language app has the same effect as a real conversation with a tutor.


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