WEEK 10: Learning Russian in 3 Months

Speaking progress of week 10 of Russian challenge

Unfortunately, another contender has to drop out of the 3-month challenge: learning Russian in 3 months. However, it probably is the most wonderful reason a person can have. Watch the video to find out more and, of course, to see the speaking progress after 10 weeks of learning Russian.

Learning Russian is a long-term investment

Nowadays we crave instant gratification. We want that everything happens immediately. Just think about downloading a video. Do you enjoy waiting several hours until you have the video on your local drive? A few years ago, you would have accepted to wait several weeks in order to borrow a DVD.

However, this rapid increase in speed does not work when you want to acquire Russian. There are new trends that try to give you instant gratification by concepts such as gamification. The truth is that it does not change the fundamental principle of language learning. It still is a long-term investment. You must be prepared to put effort into it over a longer period of time until you can reap the benefits.

The notion of long-term investment stops many people from starting to learn Russian. I understand that this big commitment can be scary. However, you can look at it from another perspective. Long-term investment also means that you can miss a few sessions without suffering instant setbacks. It allows you to make mistakes and have weak phases. Consequently, the long-term investment eliminates daily pressure and you can enjoy the process instead of worrying about daily goals.


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