Russian Challenge: Progress after 2 MONTHS

Speaking progress of month 2 of Russian challenge

n the video below, you see the speaking progress after 2 months of learning Russian. Turn on the subtitles when you are a beginner! The first month was incredible regarding results because they have started from zero. This rapid progress influences the student’s motivation. This means that it is very easy to learn Russian constantly at the beginning. However, this changes during the second month because you do not see such a big difference in results than in the first month. Consequently, it gets more difficult to find the motivation for learning Russian.

Unfortunately, one person dropped out of the 3-month challenge. He will explain the reason for it in the video. However, the two other students achieved amazing results after learning Russian for 2 months only. Do not forget to subscribe to our channel if you want to see the next progress videos.

Discipline or Talent?

I often hear the word language and talent in the same sentence. Actually, I made the same mistake. A few years ago I told myself, “Languages are not for you. You don’t have the talent for it. Focus on other things.” The result was that I only spoke German and broken English. I used this excuse for never trying to actually learn a language. It was easier to tell myself that I do not have a talent for languages than starting to learn a language.

Non-talented people outrun talented people because of their discipline.

After trying it out, I can confidently tell you that I am not talented in language. However, I still achieved my goal and acquired English (and Russian). Does it mean that talent is not important? No. It just means that everyone can learn a language. Maybe you need to put more effort into it than another person. But should you give up because of that? Of course not because you do not want to miss out on the benefits of speaking a new language.
Maybe I go out on a limb arguing that non-talented people outrun talented people because of their discipline.

In the video, you will see the progress of different people. You can see how their Russian skills developed over 2 months.
Is it talent? Is it hard work? Is it both?


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