Description of all Membership Services

Discount for lesson-products

The 10% discount (driver membership) and 15% discount (pilot and cosmonaut membership) are applicable to the following products: 5 Lesson, Lesson, and Express Lesson.
The discount is applicable to every purchase you make as long as you have the relevant membership.

Lesson Sheet

We add the words that you learn during your lesson with a tutor to a shared google document. Consequently, you create your own vocabulary list. There is no need for random vocabulary lists from the internet anymore.

TPRS Lesson

“Free admission” means that you are allowed to join our TPRS lesson on Zoom. It is held in the form of a group meeting. The meeting lasts about 45 minutes. One of our tutors reads an engaging story and you are supposed to take part in front of your computer while you are muted. However, it is not possible to ask the tutor questions or receive individual input.
The TPRS lesson is once per week and usually on Saturday at 03.00 pm (Paris time). If it is rescheduled then you will get notified in advance.
The stories are very easy to understand and are primarily designed for beginners. 

Telegram Members Group

You can join our Telegram group if you want. There you can connect with other students and ask questions. Our tutors are also in this group.

Group Lesson

Similar to the TPRS lesson, this lesson is conducted in the form of a group lesson. BUT in this lesson you get the chance to interact with the tutor and other students. You are even supposed to do this. Therefore, the maximum of students per group is 10. The topic of the lesson depends on the needs of the students and its feasibility.
The lesson is usually each Saturday and lasts 45 minutes. The starting time of the lesson depends on your level.

Theme Lesson

Are you interested in specific topics? Sometimes it is better to get some inspiration beforehand. You can choose from different topic themes and so get more than mere small talk. Sometimes we have little extra tasks for you, which means that your practice comprises more than the tutoring lesson.

Content Practice

The main part of your Russian Journey is always conversational practice. However, it is a good idea to improve specific content occasionally. You can choose to focus on specific content in your lesson. It is still a conversation but the tutor will pay attention to the correct use of the chosen content.


Constant feedback is the key to find out what you must focus on. We always assess your performance in lessons and provide you feedback. As a result, we can recommend to you specific content practice that impacts your communication skills.

Express Lesson

You get the chance to trade 1 lesson (60 minutes) for 2 express lessons (30 minutes). This is very useful for people who have a busy schedule and can hardly spare 60 minutes. Maybe you can take an express lesson during your lunch break.
Moreover, 30 minutes sessions are more effective because you are more focused. It is not so easy to stay at full attention mode for 60 minutes.

Interactive and Immersion Lesson

The best way to learn a language is to live in the country where the language is spoken. Yes, probably it is true. However, we get pretty close to this level of real-life interaction and immersion.
You can trade every 5th lesson for an interactive or immersion lesson. These lessons should imitate real-life situations during your online lessons. Examples are cooking, strolling through Russian streets, or drinking a coffee in a Russian restaurant with your Russian tutor.

Personal Podcast

You get the chance to receive one episode of your personal podcast per week.
You write down your own story and send us this text. One of our tutors reads the text out loud. The tutor will also ask you questions about your story in the audio. You can even highlight important words you want to focus on. Thus, you receive a designed audio lesson in the form of your personal podcast. It is your own story. This makes it easier to memorize the new words than it is the case by listening to a random podcast.

Video Analysis

If you wish then we record your lesson and analyze it. This is possible for every 5th lesson. During a lesson a tutor is engaged in the conversation and so cannot analyze your grammar skill as we can do it later watching your video. You will get detailed feedback on the grammar areas where you have room for improvement.


Do you have a quick question about something that is related to Russian but you don’t know whom to ask!
Ask your mentor! You will receive the phone number of a Russian native speaker. He/she is in steady contact with you.  

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