Learning Russian in 3 Months: Meet the People who Accepted this Challenge

People who accepted the Russian challenge

Welcome to the start of our 3-month challenge. Three people accepted to take on this challenge and want to speak Russian in 3 months.

What are the rules?
It is very simple. The requirement is that the participants do not speak any Russian at the moment. They must start from zero. Moreover, they are not allowed to speak a Slavic language already. This would be a stroke of luck but also an unfair advantage.

What is the goal?
The goal is to have a basic conversation with a Russian native speaker who does not speak English in 3 months.

How to win?
You are our judges and will decide that! It is important to make progress. However, there is a difference when it comes to talent. We want to honor the person who made the best progress with his/her available abilities. Therefore, you can vote for the person who impresses you the most.


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