Final Challenge: Conversation with a Russian Native

Russian Conversation with Native Speaker

The big challenge: Speaking Russian with a native speaker who only speaks Russian after 3 months of learning Russian! Is it possible? Can you speak Russian after 3 months?

Aurélie accepted this challenge 90 days ago and now she has her big day. In this video, you see the full conversation between Aurélie and Nastya’s (our tutor) dad.

We did not prepare anything, the two of them have never met before, and they don’t know each other. It is a real conversation in Russian. This is the honest result after 3 months of learning Russian. The goal of this challenge was to communicate in Russian and this is the ultimate test.
Do you think that Aurélie has accomplished her challenge? Is she able to speak Russian after 3 months of learning?

When are you fluent in Russian?

This is topic is often used by people who like to discuss. How often have you heard that one person says that he is fluent and another one disagrees? Most of the time, the discussions end nowhere and we don’t know who is right.

First of all, it is not important who is right because you should always be eager to improve your language skill. I haven’t met a person who said that he is fluent now and so stops improving. This would only make sense when you define fluent as speaking Russian at a native level. In all other cases, you should always continue to learn a language regardless of reaching fluency.

Secondly, fluency can be a milestone on your Russian journey. I am sure you already know how important motivation is when it comes to learning a language. Many people need clear goals to stay on track. When you are one of these then it is useful to take fluency as your big goal. Furthermore, it should be your individual goal. Then you are also responsible to define fluency for yourself because you should set your own goals. All other discussions are only discussions but will not help you to acquire Russian.

However, when you enjoy discussing with other people, I provide you one definition of being fluent: “capable of using a language easily and accurately” – MERRIAM-WEBSTER Dictionary.
Now you can argue about the terms “easily” and “accurately”.



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